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Who We Are

Topfly Material Co.,Ltd. Is a professional supplier of graphite material. Our product portfolio includes graphite electrodes, specialty carbon graphite materials, graphite scrap/powder, and graphite components.

The company is an export-oriented enterprises, which has annual export amount more than USD 10, 000, 000, and has exported to more than 20 countries.

The company has complete production lines, which include raw material mixing, forming line, baking line, impregnation equipment, graphitization line, machining and shaping line.


The company has strict quality control system and advanced technical support, guarantee the quality of every batch for sale.


The company has experienced team of experts, providing you innovative solutions in application of industry.


The company has continued to improve products and services ever since, meeting the unique requirement of customers.


The company FOCUS ON GRAPHITE only. 


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